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BASELINE • November 2020

An ML Newsletter from Novetta One year ago we launched the Baseline to provide insight into machine learning topics that we found interesting. During that time 19 different authors, including 11 interns, have covered a broad range of topics relevant to the Defense and Intelligence Communities. With this anniversary, we […]

Resolving Dates with NLP

In newspaper articles, emails, and other texts, it is natural to reference dates in relation to the publication date. For example, you will commonly see phrases like “yesterday” and “two weeks ago.” However, if you read an article a year after it was published, these timeframes are not immediately clear. […]

BASELINE • January 2020

An ML Newsletter from Novetta Welcome to the January 2020 installment of BASELINE, Novetta’s Machine Learning Newsletter, where we share thoughts on important advances in machine learning technologies. This month’s topics include: New software tools that improve the process of developing machine learning models Improvements in language models, with some […]